TOP 10 Tips to protect your wifi home for children

Today, generations are growing in a tech world where, after a few years of life, they are already having access to the internet through devices that have access to the network to entertain themselves like watching videos, playing games for children and getting distracted while learning. But this also has a negative side and is that cyber attacks are a problem that is growing with great boom and even more when users are people who do not have much knowledge, hackers can do everything.

A hacker with access to the home network can access all kinds of information such as visiting the cell phone gallery, accessing the internal files, handling or manipulating the content that people see and can also have access to the phone camera and for obvious reasons, this is not wanted to happen in our home and more when there are babies.

In case of this, a Top 10 tips to protect your home Wi-Fi network will be developed below.

  1. Activate the firewall on devices with internet access. This is important to do since the firewall what it does is to ensure that internet traffic is only caused by user manipulation and not because another intruder is trying to load or download packages with information extracted from our device.
  2. Change router settings to the most secure encryption. Currently one of the most secure encryption is the WPA2 PSK so to change it you only have to access the configuration of the router and once there you can default credentials and change the encryption that brings the WPA2 PSK to further protect the access to the home WiFi network.
  3. Change the default router password. The routers bring a password by default and this is usually very easy to decipher, so it is advisable to access the router configuration and change the password for a more complex one.
  4. Rename the network to a confusing name. Join the name of printers, or some other equipment that does not attract the attention of any intruder who wants to access the network.
  5. Disable WPS. Since it is a technology that allows you to modify the configuration of the router with a PIN and it is generally very easy to decipher.
  6. Do not write down the password on papers or other accessible sites. A bad habit that many people have is to point the WiFi password on papers or sites accessible to anyone and we do not know what intentions they could have with our WiFi network and that the risk even if it does not seem so is very high.
  7. Do not share the WiFi network with anyone. When he realizes that from one moment to the next the whole neighborhood has access to his network there is a big security problem. It should be more careful who is given the password and who is not.
  8. Acquire an antivirus. Acquiring an antivirus is one of the best practices to protect devices since these programs have specialized databases and intrusion detection systems.
  9. Check which devices are connected. The routers allow within their configurations to see which devices have or have had access to the network so you can know if there is an intruder connected or not.
  10. Acquire a router of good quality. Some routers have very little security but others are almost invulnerable so they are a worldwide reference in security and will keep your WiFi network free from intruders and protected for the full enjoyment of family and babies.

These are Top 10 tips to protect your home Wi-Fi network and the mean things to take into account because to protect your family from people who have bad intentions is important.

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