5 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Pets like gods or cats are mostly loved by kids for they get captivated when they are seeing them but many kids prefer dogs most. Dogs have proven to be the best companion to kids. When the parents are on their work and they have left their kids alone then the dogs will come to where they are and start to play together. But when you want to bring any dog then you are supposed to know about every type of dog breed that will be the best. Not every dog which is friendly and good. Therefore you’re supposed to make the wise decision when bringing them to your house. Here are 5 Best Dog Breeds for Kids.

Best Dog Breeds for Kids

1.American Cocker Spaniel

The first dog breed for kid is American Cocker Spaniel where it has small size and very cute. Kids can definitely love it because it’s very fascinating. The ears of these dogs are long hanging out and with calm eyes. Their weigh ranges between 15 to 30 pounds with the average life being twelve years. These breeds of dogs are easy to handle and very lovable.

2. Pug

Pug is the perfect breed of dog for the kids which is much loving. They’re stout but very affectionate. They are known of loving attention from anybody, but if they don’t show that attention, they’re quick to clichéd but delightful very much to kids. They have wrinkled faces which are cute but require special care and attention when cleaning to keep them safe from any medical complication. When you have this dog breed in the house dog, your kid will never forget it.

3. Beagle

This dog breed is the very popular among the kids. They have special species that are love by children. You can train them easily and become part of a family. They love playing games particularly the outdoor games. Even though they are small but they bark loudly. You may be surprised when you get them barking. Beagle have the lifespan of about 15 years and can weigh up to 25 pounds.

4. Bernese mountain dog

If you need a dog breed which is big and strong, then this is best dog for your kids. They are much intelligent and can adjust themselves very easily in any particular environment. They can play with your kids for hours and they love the kids very much. You can train these dogs easily because they quickly response to any giving instruction. So, they become part of a family very easily. They normally have high weight which is around 110 pounds.

5. Viszlas

These are another types of dog breeds which are best breeds for kids. They are gentle and quiet dogs that fits the families. They are amazingly loving and loyal dogs, forming close bonds with the kids. Like other dogs that form very strong relation with humans, they are intelligent. Those people who have this breed in their home they know their important to their kids because they are much concerned to the kids. Viszlas are actually known as the great dogs to people around and the kids.

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