5 Best Android Apps for Baby and Parents!

Baby Puzzles by AppQuiz. Free with in-app purchases. Babies and toddles will love this interactive puzzle game featuring realistic puzzle pieces and real sound effects. Your little one will have no idea they are exercising their brain and improving cognition, problem solving and fine motor skills as they’ll just be having fun! Engaging puzzle pieces include animals, letters and numbers and vehicles all in detailed colors which your baby will love.

Kids Balloon Pop by App Family Kids. Free. Who doesn’t love popping virtual balloons? Babies and adults alike will be quickly drawn to this app as the colorful balloons fill the screen just waiting to be popped! Upbeat music and eye-catching graphics add to the appeal of this game. The app is able to be changed to suit the age of your baby by adjusting the speed and the size of the balloons. Also, there is an educational component for older babies with the option of different game modes like ABC or numbers. Check it out!

Baby Games – Piano, Baby Phone, First Words by RV AppStudios. Free. This app is jam-packed full of sounds, music, colors and educational games that will keep your little one occupied for a long time. There are multiple games in the app including match games, musical games, rhymes and a fun, interactive fireworks show. Babies from 6 months old will be entertained within a child-safe interface and will recognise many nursery rhymes and family favorites such as Mary Had A Little Lamb and Humpty Dumpty.

White Noise Baby by TMSOFT. Free with in-app purchases. Let’s face it – who doesn’t have trouble putting their baby to bed at times? Your bundle of joy may be sleeping well one day, and be up and down the next! A white noise app is the perfect solution to getting your baby to sleep, and to stay asleep. White Noise Baby is just the app – it features ambient sounds and a variety of music to loop, ability to set a timer fade-out and a unique baby monitor feature can pick up crying and automatically play white noise. Sounds include rainfall, vehicle sounds, fans, heart beat and wind chimes. The aim of white noise is to block out external distractions and enables your little one to settle down into sleep and to stay asleep. There are so many features to this app you can tailor the settings to suit your baby. Because let’s face it, all babies are different and surprise us all the time!

Baby tracker – feeding, sleep and diaper by Amila. Free. This one is for the Mom’s and Dad’s. In the frazzled world of welcoming a new baby into the house parents can lose track of important details such as when baby had their last sleep, last feed or last diaper change. This app is a delightful way to record and monitor this vital information for piece of mind and convenience.

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